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There are no part load Charges, no waste, just precise and profitable productivity – a premium service that customers appreciate.



The Volumetric machine's uniquely precise dispensing system means our mixers are accurate to within +1% either way of volume delivered and if the customer has over ordered, the mixer can be shut off without waste concrete. The mix can be changed during the run to suit customer specifications precisely so, if two different mixes are required there is no need to return to the batching plant.

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The mobile concrete mixer is a combination materials transporter and mobile mixing plant, mounted on a transport vehicle, usually a truck which carries sufficient unmixed material.....sand, cement, aggregates and water (and any other chemicals that may be used for special mix designs) to the job to produce fresh concrete, mixed to design specifications on a continuous or intermittent basis; as required.
The materials blending action is continuous and may process until the ingredient bins are empty. On the other hand, mixing and delivery may be stopped at any time and then started again at the will of the operator. This permits production to be balanced to the demands of placing and finishing crews and other job requirements.


Sand and stone are accurately proportioned by adjusting gates to the correct height. The settings are based on actual calibration of the gate settings done with the specific aggregates being used. The three basic dry ingredients (sand, stone, and cement powder) simultaneously drop off the main conveyor into the charging end of the mixer at the rear of the vehicle. At this point, a predetermined metered flow of water also enters the mixer. Action of the combined auger and paddle mixer rapidly, thoroughly and continuously mixes the ingredients and water to produce a continuous discharge of uniform quality concrete.

Volumetric Vs Drum

Same / Next Day Delivery

The pedigree of the rotary drum mixer is well established; so are its drawbacks. Once loaded, it has a fixed amount of concrete to deliver within a fixed period of time before it sets. The mix cannot be changed and if the customer has over ordered, the mixer must return to the batching plant for a part load; both costly and time consuming. The solution is the volumetric mixer, because dry ingredients are mixed on the spot, the concrete always arrives fresh; no older than seven seconds on site.



Mixed on site, means there is no waste as all that it needed is mixed.



Mixed off site, meaning all that is not needed goes to waste and will be charged.



Volumetric mixers can carry  materials, aggregates and any admixtures to a job site and mix it on site. The concrete is fresh and can be changed at any time without having to go off site.



The materials that a drum mixer is carrying is being mixed before it gets to site and what every mix its carry is the only one you can have. If you do change you mind all that concrete will be wasted and will need to go back to the batch plant and reload; making it very costly and time consuming.



Compared to traditional drum mixers, Volumetrics have all the necessary ingredients and are able to measure raw materials using volume rather than weight; with all stored separately mixes can be changed on site and easily manged without any waste.



When it comes to drum mixers they can only carry limited materials and only for one mix. Drum mixers can only carry the amount based on vehicle. Sometimes this can be half the amount of a volumetric mixer depending on vehicle.

Saving Time And Money


The exact amount is delivery each, resulting in no part load charged or time waiting for the next mixer.



Drum mixers can only carry (subject to vehicle) half the amount of a Volumetric, meaning you will need a part load.

Volumetric Concrete Specialists

One of the main benefits of volumetric concrete is that you’re guaranteed to have the correct amount of concrete delivered to you. Meaning that you never have to worry about the risk of over or under ordering again.

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